6 Home Projects That Require a Dumpster (And How to Minimize Waste)

waste disposal from your home

With the new COVID delta variant spreading and creating more COVID cases, things in normal daily life have become uncertain again.

It could mean you end up having to work from home for periods. And that might mean more homeowners undertake home improvement projects.

Many of those require a significant amount of waste disposal. That’s where it makes sense to rent a dumpster. Rather than making multiple trips to a landfill that cost you a ton of time, you simply fill up your dumpster once and have it hauled away.

Take a minute to learn more about various home improvement projects where dumpster rentals come in handy:

1. Any Interior Remodeling Project

Remodeling always creates a significant pile of waste. Some projects can fill even large dumpsters. It really depends on the extent of your project.

Without a dumpster, you have to worry about where you’ll put all that waste while you try to give your home the look you want.

Waste can get in the way of the work and delay the timeline for completion. You might be able to fill your garbage, but it’ll be stacked full for weeks while you gradually toss everything out.

Better just to get rid of it all in one fell swoop!

2. Yard Landscaping Projects

Yard waste such as grass and bush clippings can go in your dumpster. Feel free to toss tree branches in too.

Old bricks, other masonry blocks, and concrete may or may not be able to go in your dumpster though. Check with your dumpster rental service first.

But, assuming everything can go in your dumpster, that saves you an awful lot of disposal time.

3. A New Deck

Who doesn’t like a new place to relax? Depending on your workplace’s policies, your deck might be your office for some time in the future too!

Can you use your old deck boards for campfires for months to come?

Possibly. It depends on what they’re made of.

If you have green, pressure-treated wood, do not burn it either outdoors or in your fireplace! That releases toxic chemicals.

It also produces less heat and more smoke. Plus, it also creates creosote, a gummy (and flammable) substance that can coat the inside of your chimney.

However, you can dispose of green treated wood easily and conveniently in your dumpster rental.

Not all deck boards are treated with chemicals. But if you’re disposing of them, know exactly what you’re getting rid of so you do it safely.

4. New Roofing

Your roofing contractor will more than likely rent a dumpster when re-roofing your home.

It just makes so much more sense for them to toss all the old shingles in the dumpster than it does for them to go to the landfill multiple times.

They simply throw the old shingles in immediately after they’re pulled off your roof, saving walking trips to the dumpster.

5. Spring Cleaning

You will feel amazing, like you haven’t in years, when you organize and consolidate the stuff you own in your home.

You don’t necessarily have to dispose of everything. But ask yourself, ”When did I use this last?” or, ”Does this have a special memory or emotional connection I treasure?”

If you answer “No” to both of those questions, then you can get rid of it.

Selling stuff online takes a lot of time. It’s worth your time to sell higher-cost items that may be $100 or more. But selling lots of little items, like you would at a garage sale, takes so much time.

You have to create the product listing online, pack and ship each object, and then do customer service.

You could also go with a garage sale too. But that takes time also. And you don’t know how much you’ll get rid of.

When you’ve eliminated everything else via other means, a dumpster rental makes so much sense. Simply walk everything you don’t want and toss it on in.

6. Garage Cleaning

Here, you have to be a little careful. Some of the stuff in your garage can likely go in your dumpster rental.

But some can’t.

For example, car fluids, gas, grease, paint, batteries, tires, and appliances can’t go in your dumpster.

Check with the dumpster rental company before disposing of those and similar items in your garage.

But, you can toss out many other things such as tools, old patio furniture, a garden hose, work gloves, flower pots, nails, screws, and much more.

How You Can Minimize Waste Around Your Home

For some of the above projects, you can’t do anything to minimize their waste. Your deck, roof, or other remodeling project will create the waste it creates.

But you can keep the amount of your general stuff low so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed with things you don’t need that just cause you more stress anyway.

And here’s how you can keep that stuff in check:

1. Take an Inventory And Put Stuff To Use

Knowing what you have is most of the battle. When you know what you own, then you can figure out how to make use of it.

If it’s a decoration, make sure it does its job and livens up your home. If it’s a functional item, put it to work. It does you no good just laying around.

If it’s a keepsake you need to store, organize it in an appropriate container so it stays safe and so you know how to access it in the future.

If something serves no emotional or functional use for you, get rid of it.

2. Toss It When Done

Whatever it is, get rid of it when it’s served its useful function.

If it’s something you’re holding onto which provides only questionable value in your life, ask yourself why you feel the need to hold onto it.

Be honest when answering. And remember that if it really doesn’t help you in any way, you’ll feel great by getting rid of it.

3. Go Paperless

Many companies still rely on sending you junk mail to advertise. You can’t do anything about that. Send their junk straight to your recycle bin upon receipt.

But with the current consumer services you do have (banking, smartphone, electricity, water, and so on) go paperless.

Store old statements online in the cloud (there’s plenty of free services).

And with your other important paper, scan it and put it on the cloud too. Then shred and recycle the documents.

Not only does this reduce the paper floating around your home. But it’s also easier and takes less time to organize electronic documents than paper ones.

For example, in cloud services you can name your statement March-2021-Electric-Bill. Then, you can search for that exact bill using the cloud service’s search function.

It’s like having an electronic file cabinet and being able to find any document you can think of in seconds!

Whenever you get overwhelmed with junk, you can always rent a dumpster. It makes disposal of a large amount of stuff fast, easy, and cost-effective.

And in the meantime, do everything you can to keep your useless stuff under control. You’ll feel so much happier and relaxed.

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